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8 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Day Eight Practical Tips To Save Money || Crypto Universities

 No matter what stage of life we are in, no matter when we start investing and managing money, we can often hear four words: open source and throttling. The simplest of these is to save money! Here are eight practical tips to save money compiled by the editor of 100% Network for everyone, I hope you like it!

8 Practical Ways to Save Money Every Day

8 Practical Ways to Save Money Every Day
8 Practical Ways to Save Money Every Day

Here are the 8 best ways to save money:

1. Cook Your Own Food And Bring Your Own Bento

In the first month of moving out, I ordered a month of Franklin, the bun shop in front of the breakfast dormitory, and the American dinner was almost a Franklin solution. During this month, I ate almost all the stores around the company, and then during a bookkeeping review, I was surprised to find that the food cost alone was more than 1,000 oceans.


In our second-tier city, the Franklin is an average of $1.72 per meal, which is not much, and two meals a day are $3.44. Plus breakfast is $0.34 (in fact, it is already very saving, now mixed noodles, we also need $0.46 a bowl here). In order to calculate better, the food fee is $4.01 a day, and three meals a month will cost $20.42.

Because I have practiced yoga before, I personally prefer to be relatively vegetarian. But in Franklin, order a shredded potato rice bowl, tomato scrambled egg rice bowl, also 13~16 pieces, encounter luck, it is not delicious. Realizing this, I started planning my cooking.

In the beginning, I bought an artifact: a rice cooker for one person, and now I am still extremely fortunate to be very fortunate because it is not only small, but also the proportion of cooking rice, and the meal for one person is eaten at a time, no more, no less~

In addition to cooking rice, the rice cooker can also steam eggs, steamed steamed buns, boil noodles, boil dumplings, and boil rice cakes. Good all-rounder. Since the dormitory is equipped with some basic pots, and induction cookers, this money can be saved. I just buy some vegetables and spices and can start the fire and cook.

Having never been to a vegetable market before, I found out in the second month that cooking was really good to save money. Three eggs, less than $0.23, two tomatoes sometimes only more than 2 pieces, these can be eaten twice, the cost is really only a little. Meat dishes will be more expensive, sometimes weekends to open a large meat for themselves, buy a piece of meat or fish, usually a small stir-fry. In this way, counting the seasoning and gas, the average cost of a meal is about 45-60 Cents. A pound of rice, is about $0.34, I can eat 8 to 10 meals, and usually take out a meal, which is 10-25 Cents. How much can be saved? Look, it's really a saving. Sometimes burn a meal at night, save some for the next day at noon, and it just so happens that the company also has a microwave.

But I know that overnight meals are not good for my health, so I usually bring meals 3 times a week and order Franklin twice a week. For breakfast, you will cook oatmeal or use a rice cooker to cook your own noodles. When I came back late in the evening, I didn't want to cook vegetables, so I cooked vegetarian food such as rice cakes and dumplings. The days of self-cooking are really cost-saving, nutritious, and delicious, and also reduce the intake of gutter oil to a certain extent.

2. Change Your Skincare Brand

The image of going to work still has to be exquisite. You can't go to work unkempt because of financial constraints. In the past, I used more expensive skin care products.

Change Your Skincare Brand To Save Money
Change Your Skincare Brand To Save Money

But now they have all been replaced, replaced with those that are more cost-effective. Not all high prices equal high quality. For example, I used to use that very popular BNL makeup remover, 100+ bottles, in less than a month will be used up. Now I have a different brand and changed it to XX makeup remover, 70+. Now a month has passed, and only one-fifth of the use has been used, and the makeup remover is also clean, and it is really easy to use. The key thing is to think that this 70+ makeup remover I can use for months. So, if you want to save money, go and see if there is any breakthrough in your cosmetics.

3. Buses/bike-sharing

In the past, I used to do buses. It just happened that recently I accidentally found that there are shared bicycles and public bicycles in front of the dormitory. Once I tried it and found it convenient and very cheap. I now live not far from where I go to work, and I ride for 15 minutes. And these public transports, within 1 hour, are almost free of charge (shared bicycles, sometimes with a lot of activities, are also free to ride).

Buses/bike-sharing To Save Money
Buses/bike-sharing To Save Money

This month's monthly pass, is almost never used. The next plan can also be left without charging. Bus fares are also saved. Although sometimes it is very hot and I don't want to ride. However, these days have come and gone, and it's just that you think about it. It honed me, not just the money, but also the will part.

4. Cut Back On Unnecessary Spending

Take time to take stock of your unnecessary expenses, for example, I use America Mobile and used to call me to send me my data plan. Give away 2 Gs and 3 Gs every month. Later, for a while, I used traffic without blinking, thinking that it was free anyway, and I didn't use it in vain. In those months, I used traffic to watch videos, and I used it very coolly. But after the active period and I didn't have so much traffic, I started to suffer. So I started adding data packets. America Mobile's biggest pit is here. At that time, the phone bill was $5.73/month more than before. Later, I inexplicably upgraded the package, and the call fee was $20.64/month.

Once, I woke up. I hardly have any calls per month, why do I have so much bill? Later, when resuming, I sorted out my mobile phone plan in time, canceled unnecessary parts, and replaced a plan with less talk time and more traffic. At the same time, because commuting to work has changed from being a bus to cycling, I will no longer use traffic to watch videos. Now every month, my phone bill is about $9.17. Look, I saved $100 a month.

5. Shopping Is Exquisite

Making a detailed shopping list according to your real needs before shopping, and strictly following the list when shopping, not only saves shopping time but also helps people effectively avoid impulse consumption and reduce unnecessary expenses. If you are really impulsive, immediately close your eyes and meditate: this is not needed for the time being, this is not needed for the time being, this is not needed for the time being...

Shopping Is Exquisite To Save Money
Shopping Is Exquisite To Save Money

In the past, I was a person who liked snacks. Because I love matcha, I buy almost all matcha-flavored snacks at once. If you snack regularly, you will find that when you go to the supermarket, you feel that you have not bought anything, and a hundred oceans are gone. Now more advanced, buy directly on Taobao, buy a bunch of them. But then I found out that snacking is easy to get fat, especially cookies.

Now I will consciously control my snack expenditure. The same $0.69 ice cream and yogurt, I would choose the latter. Ice cream has no nutrition or value, but yogurt is good for the human body. Of course, on payday or when I'm particularly happy today, I buy myself an ice cream in the form of a reward, and that's when I find happiness arose, and I suddenly understood the value of this ice cream. Usually, the "snacks" I buy the most are fruits. I make a plan for myself to eat at least one fruit a day and try not to repeat it every week. When you are out alone, you have to learn to take good care of yourself, don't you?

6. Buy Brands For Things You Use Often

I don't know if you've made the same mistake as me before, just to save money and buy some copycats.

The shoes I often wore were bought with miscellaneous brands, and the result was not only intolerable, but also the breathable shoes also caused fungal infections on the feet. Now, I measure the value and usage of something, and if it's going to be used often, I'll definitely choose a brand. Even if it costs several times more than the motley brand, because I know, it's worth it. Frequently used woks, rice cookers, often worn shoes.

I don't know how many people know, in fact, tap water is not clean, boiled tap water also has a lot of heavy metal residues, if you have the conditions to install a better water purifier at home, or use pure water, it is very important to maintain the health of the body. Do you think, if the water pipes are buried in the ground, they will not be cleaned for decades, and the tap water that flows to your house will be clean? Don't let your kidneys become a filter for heavy metals.

The dormitory here is in poor condition and there is no water purifier, so I will buy some pure water for cooking at the right time. Or use it alternately with tap water. Among the items I eat and commonly use, I will definitely put health and practicality first. In the long run, they are all great ways to save money, but they are also an investment in your own body and a responsibility for yourself.

7. Be Bold When Negotiating Salaries At Work

I want to give this one to you who are preparing to find a job. When you're talking about salary, don't really be unconfident. Although salary is related to your ability, sometimes it is negotiable, not so absolute. Especially when I first entered, I would rather talk higher than think that I would get a low salary first, and then raise my salary a little later. Unless you later show extraordinary strengths and performance at work, it will be a long time for most people to increase their salaries with little effort. Therefore, the high start of the salary is actually saving money for yourself.

8. Manage Your Time Wisely

There is a saying: time is money. Every time I cook, I sigh that cooking is really a very time-consuming thing, and every time I am busy, I either don't have time to read books, or I don't have time to work part-time. It's really important to manage your time wisely.

Just like me now, I will finish the most complicated work of the day in the morning when I am most efficient, and then the afternoon time will become very relaxed, and sometimes I can work part-time to earn extra money (shh, keep it secret for me) ~ time, it's really money.

Manage Your Time Wisely To Save Money
Manage Your Time Wisely To Save Money

I cook now to practice cooking and exercise basic life skills, and if one day I am proficient, maybe I will also choose to order Franklin, arrange my time more reasonably, and make more money. Just like many big coffees, why can you take a plane to a place and never make a train? Because their time is precious, the hourly wage far exceeds the difference between plane and train tickets. So, when you make some choices, sometimes you have to include the time cost.

Finally, I would like to say that bookkeeping is the first step in diagnosing financial problems, and the secret to saving money is to review regularly. Especially when it comes to throttling, bookkeeping is an essential step. If you regularly summarize and analyze in the process of bookkeeping, you can save a lot of unnecessary expenses.

In addition, according to the account books, the consumption ratio of all aspects can be appropriately adjusted every month, so as to truly save expenses without affecting the quality of life. Don't go the way I used to. It's not enough to keep accounts at ordinary times, don't forget to do a review regularly.

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